GoogleMail is now officially Gmail in Germany

Google Mail is now Gmail in Germany

In 2005 when Google started Gmail in Germany, it ran into trademark trouble as a German individual named Daniel Giersch had copyrights for G-mail. He had registered the name as a short for Giersch mail in June 2000 very long before Google announced its service. This has forced the users of Gmail to use Google's appeal in 2007 regarding this was rejected by the concerned authorities in Germany.

In April 2012 the news came that Google has settled this dispute with Daniel Giersch , on 13th April the domain and Gmail trademark was transferred to Google. It is unclear whether Google has paid Daniel Giersch for this deal.

Today all the wait is over and users who joins Gmail in Germany will automatically receive the address and all the existing will have an option to switch their email id's Even after switching the users can receive the mails that were sent without any trouble and all the contacts and account settings will be same.

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