Pay With Cash adds 30% new shoppers to in 2months

June 26,2012
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A recently launched "Pay With Cash" by Walmart for its online shoppers adds a new process for payments. Its simple mechanism made it a hit for Walmart. "Pay with Cash" is a simple three step process, go to Walmart online shop fill your cart and go to a Walmart store, make a payment and your stuff is delivered to home or you can pick it up at the stores. This program benefits many who do not own or dislike to use any debit,credit cards.

Joel Anderson, CEO of said in two months of its launch the program has received a tremendous response and "Pay With Cash" option accounts for 2 % of all the online orders and it has brought 30 % of new customers to He also added that 50 percent of the orders are larger than an average order.

We believe Wal-Mart’s conscientious efforts toward innovation and keeping pace with evolving consumer preferences will continue to yield positive results, he said.

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