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5 must see places in New York City

  Vince       Thursday
When you visit New York City, make sure you don’t miss these top attractions which reflect the history, culture and spirit of America.
Liberty Statue

#1. Statue of Liberty: If someone plans a travel to America, the first thing that would flash is the iconic Statue of Liberty. It is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Standing tall since 1886, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom.

5 top places to see in new york
Times Square
#2. Times Square: You might have seen this place in numerous movies but the moment you step here it’s lot lot more than that. You become part of bustling live crowd that flock this place to experience a new world of huge neon displays & lighting, Broadway shows, movie characters, skyscrapers, exclusive stores.
Brooklyn Bridge

#3. Brooklyn Bridge: A bridge in art form is the best line to describe Brooklyn Bridge. It connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. This huge suspension bridge is made of stone and steel cables; its architectural beauty leaves everyone awestruck. It is opened for public in 1883. Walking on the Brooklyn bridge walkway will give you the beautiful views of Manhattan.
Empire state building

#4. Empire State Building: It is a breathtaking 381 meter tall, 102 storied skyscraper and is the tallest building in the world when in it opened in 1931. It hosts many offices. 86 th and 102 nd floors have observatory deck through which you can have spectacular view of entire Manhattan.
9/11 Memorial

#5. 9/11 Memorial & Museum: The 9/11 memorial is a tribute to those who lost their lives on horrific day. It has two pools and a museum. Each pool is half acre and located where once the two iconic towers stood. The water from the inner edges of pool runs down to a void at the center of the pool. The names of the people who died in this tragedy are carved on the sides of the pool. The museum has the photos of people who lost lives and the back ground information of the attacks. It is an emotional experience here.

 Published on 09/04/2015

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