Passenger Can't Be Displaced After Boarding, United Airlines Changes Policy

United Airlines which was surrounded by sharp criticism from the entire world for harshly dragging out a passenger from one of its planes has changed its policy.
A passenger 69 year old David Dao a Kentucky based physician was brutally dragged off the plane on Chicago-to-Louisville flight Sunday night after he refused to give up his seat for crew member, the video of this incident has gone viral. The flight was over booked. David sustained injuries and he may need surgery reported his attorney.

To gain its lost image, United Airlines has updated its policy on  displacing customers from the plane. According to the updated United Airlines policy a crew member has to book a ticket one hour before the flight. It means a need for displacing passenger because of overbooking will be done before boarding the flight.

Another notable policy change is that no crew member can displace a customer who has boarded a plane according to an United Airlines internal email.

According to the Airlines spokesperson it is one of their initial steps to deliver a better customer expereince.

Other airlines are thinking to change their policies and increase the compensation to displaced customers.

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